Dear Strongbad,

What is this blog about anyway? Aren’t there already writers who are blogging for the people in a far superior way? This seems like a mish mash of thoughts about nothing.

With love,

Your mom (probably the only person who will read this)

Dear your mom,

If moms are the only ones who will read this, why are most of these jokes written to the taste of Nudibranch Lover (NBL), who is very much not a mom and mostly only likes the kids who are related to her?

Honestly, I don’t know the audience or the purpose for this yet. I am in Iceland on a residency, and I wanted to share my pictures and stories but not give that content to a social media company.  I also have 27 other projects that should be completed by the end of the month, so as a true Aries, I thought it best to start a new project.

I am planning to write about Iceland and the writing process here until I run out of stuff.  There will also be posts about yoga, meditation, being a lady with a 40+ year old body, various political screechings, and of course, hot hot Chorus Girl action.  Your basic feminist killjoy stuff.  If I come up with something cohesive, I will let you know.  I’ll post once a week until I get tired, and then probably settle down to a once a month cadence.

In the meantime, I apologize for (temporary) accessibility issues.  I am not sure how to work captions and image descriptions quite yet, so those will be added once I am back home and extremely bored, which will likely happen once the weather in Chicago drops below 40. Categories and other organization will come later too.  

Please enjoy my brain leakings. I hope to have the volcano post I promised done before I have to head to the airport, but I do have to do some work on the 27 other projects I promised to other people.

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